Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Reading Nook for a Young Girl

Remember the entertainment center we turned into a wine cabinet? Well, we also made two other projects using the adjacent sides to the center cabinet.

For this project, we created a reading nook for our seven year old, Ava.

I wish we could take all the credit for Ava’s room, but she chose the color palette and fabric for this particular project.

Here’s the side shelf we had to work with.

Jason sanded, primed and painted the visible parts of the shelf in a pale pink chosen by Ava.

She chose a fabric that matched the aqua and pink theme in her room perfectly. An extra bonus was the 60 % off sticker price from JoAnn Fabrics.

I worked with Jason to staple the batting and then the fabric to a piece of plywood for the bench. Tip: Use the tush test to help decide how much batting to use.

We had leftover mosquito netting from the porch project which we used to frame the reading nook. The flower lights are from Ikea.

Project Difficulty: Super Easy
Alcohol Consumed: 2 Miller Lites (one for Jason, one for me)
Assistance: Yes, Ava!


  1. oh my gosh!! yet another BRILLIANT post!! wow. you amaze me with your skills :) and can i just say, ava has amazing taste!

  2. I love what you did here! The fabric is wonderful. And then to hear your daughter picked it out...fabulous. Great job. I'm going to follow your blog!!!

  3. That is just adorable! Sweet idea, thanks for sharing.

    Visiting from MMS linky party
    WHYCUZICAN in Illinois