Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Domestic Failure Learns to Sew

Crafting and sewing don’t come naturally to me. But similar to running, these are hobbies that I’ve worked really hard at and have come to enjoy.

Roughly nine months ago, I discovered this pool of talent in the blogosphere. Bloggers like Sarah, Amanda, Melissa, and Lindsay who showcased their creations, and were kind enough to post tutorials.

Burlap seemed to be all the rage among the craft bloggers back in the fall. I dreamed of a wreath trimmed in burlap and fall ornaments, or a wall hanging with our family’s initials. Then, I came across Lindsay’s tutorial for a burlap table runner to drape over our brand-spanking new Amish-built farmhouse table. I was immediately smitten, and just knew: I HAD TO MAKE THAT RUNNER!

I have absolutely no experience sewing, which was blatantly apparent to the woman selling the machines at JoAnn Fabric the day I went in to ask questions. She said “foot” I thought “pedal,” she said “bobbin” I though “thimble” – if there were ever a sign that I should quit, it was then. Rather than face scorn from the community I was so eager to join, I figured I could buy the machine online where I could enjoy anonymity and a salesperson who wouldn’t scoff at my poor sewing vernacular.

I’ve included a photo below of our 8ft burlap table runner. In hindsight, burlap isn’t an ideal material for a sewing virgin to work with, but I was committed. When you look closely, you’ll notice the runner does not follow a straight path, it balloons in some areas and concaves in others, but I made it and I love it for all of it’s flaws, not in spite of them (sort of like our first child).

Project Difficulty: If you can sew a straight line, you’re golden.
Alcohol Consumed: Two beers
Assistance: My mom

*Would love to hear about your firsts (if you can remember back that far)!


  1. this turned out awesome, and thanks for the props!
    when i first started, i couldn't sew a straight line to save my life, either. and technically, i still can't, but i've learned how to fake it ;) keep on practicing, you'll continue to make awesome wonderful things!

  2. Ha ha, thanks Sarah! I don't think the alcohol helps things but it's sort of a non-negotiable.