Friday, June 10, 2011

Front Porch on a Budget

When Jason asked me to contribute to the blog, I was really excited. After almost nine years of marriage we're blogging together! This is a huge step in our relationship.

Since summer has arrived early here in the Northeast, I want to focus this first post on one of our favorite rooms - our porch.

When we bought our home in June of 2010, the porch flooring was less than desirable. After vacuuming and cleaning the bejeezus out of the tiles, it still looked like this.

Now, thanks to some outdoor carpet, mosquito netting (from Ikea), and wicker furniture from Craig's list, it looks like this.

This project cost us less than $500 and roughly half a case of Corona to complete (children not included).

Project Difficulty: The only real challenge here was laying the carpet so that the seams match.
Alcohol Consumed: Half a case of Corona stretched over the course of a month.
Assistance: Jason and Carr

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