Friday, July 1, 2011

Old cabinets turned headboard chic

So I just completed my first commission piece - a new headboard! I was looking to do something a little different from the project I designed for our room, so I started digging through the shed and I found two cabinet doors from our old entertainment center. I decided to use these as the focal point.

The first step was to build a frame to hold the doors. I used some 1 X 3's to frame it out.

After the frame was built, I cut the cabinet doors to fit. I attached them and added a 1 X 6 on the top and a 1X 4 on the bottom.

For the top, I picked up some decorative crown molding from Home Depot. Here is a closeup of the detail. I attached this to the top and top the sides and used a 1 x 8 on the top for the ledge.

For the final step, I painted the whole headboard with Behrs Polar Bear white and sanded some of the edges for a distressed look. Below is the before and after install.


  1. Good thinking. I have a king sized bed and I wanted to hang a door behind the bed to use as a headboard. I never did find a door big enough so we ended up using an old wooden garage door. It looks great. But I never thought about piecing together a door with other door panels. The result is fantastic!

  2. This is Gorgeous! You are so talented!!!! you definitely inspired me! I need to make a headboard for my son's room. You have me thinking! I am your newest follower from Furniture Feature Friday. Hope you can visit me sometime soon.

  3. Great job! I must admit at first I was a little perplexed...but once I saw the finished project I was completely blown away. I had to scroll back up to see what you started with. It's an amazing transformation!!!