Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wainscoting Picture Frames

Carolyn was looking to add some photos to our upstairs hallway and she wanted to use Wainscoting. The previous owner happened to leave me some extra pieces so all I to do was build some frames.

Step 1. I cut some 1x3's into 16 inch pieces and cut them at 45 degrees at the ends. I attached all 4 pieces together with a staple gun. The frames aren't holding a lot of weight so the staples will hold. I used about 5 on each side and hammer them in to make sure they are tight.

Step 2. The next step was cutting the Wainscoting. Just used a jigsaw to cut them to 16" X 16".

Step 3. I attached the wainscoting to the frame with wood glue.

The next part took a little planning a head. I decided that the easiest way to add the photos was to just add a 5 X 7 frame to the back. So I bought 2 frames from the dollar store.

Step 4. I cut out the opening with a jigsaw and made sure that it was about a 1/4" less than the 5 X 7 inch frame opening.

Step 5. After all the cutting was done I sprayed everything with a satin white can of paint.

Step 6. I attached the frames to the back of the wainscoting with some wood glue.

Below is the final result after they were added to our upstairs hallway.

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